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Organic Oils

Essential Oils NO EXTRA CHARGE

Essential Oils NO EXTRA CHARGE

We are proud to make many of our massage products in house. It not only creates an unprocessed as possible product but also reduses waste by buying in bulk LOCALLY and avoiding unnecessary packaging.

We use a blend of organic oils and butters we make in house.  Our base massage balm is a blend of organic coconut, organic Shea Butter, & organic Vitamin E oil.  All of the oils we use also have healing properties such as anti-inflammatory & healing properties for skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.  

Coconut oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties which is great for muscle tension & inflamation. Its also known for its microbial properties which are great for general skin health & also the prevention & healing properties for acne and other skin conditions.

Shea Butter is one of the few butters that won't clog your pores & helps the skin repair scars as well as prevent acne.  It is also super nourishing for the hair as well as the skin.


Essential Oils NO EXTRA CHARGE

Essential Oils NO EXTRA CHARGE

Essential Oils NO EXTRA CHARGE

We are firm believers in the healing power of plants.  Most of our every day medicines originally came from plants!

We are proud to carry a US based essential oil company that offers lots of organic, as well as, KidSafe options!  PlantTherapy is an amazing company. We support this company because they don't require membership for better pricing & they never ask anyone to sell their product. We also are proud to carry this brand because they have USDA certified organic options. 

Every massage includes free aromatherapy from the Organic eucalyptus on the head rest to a special blend for dealing with stress added to the feet during the treatment.  Please ask for essential oils options at your next treatment.  We are happy to make any recommendations on an oils that will add benefit to your massage experience and we are very proud to offer them as an add-on WITHOUT CHARGE.

If you like the oils we use, there is a good chance we will have some for purchase in the lobby.

Far infrared Heat Pad, far infrared technology


Essential Oils NO EXTRA CHARGE


We LOVE the heat! Heat is one of the first ever tools used for pain relief.  It is a simple and effective way to help painfully tight muscles relax and also release.  FAR Infrared Heat Pads are just another premium add-on we are proud to offer at no additional cost.  Many high-end spas and clinics offer FAR Infrared Heat Treatments upwards of $100 or more for a 30 min treatment.

At All People Massage we want you to have the BEST treatment and experience possible so we are proud to offer this effective pain treatment tool included with every massage.

FAR Infrared Heat Pads create heat through the light spectrum FAR.  Essentially it is a supremely small vibration that creates a heat that penetrates nearly 300% deeper than regular heat pads assisting in pain relief, muscle tension, & much more. 

As you can see above each pad is covered in jade stones that help distribute the heat evenly & deeply. This treatment is great for conditions like Fibromyalgia & Rheumatoid Arthritis.

All People Massage

Focused on Whole Body Wellness.

Whether you are looking for pain relief/injury recovery, an emotional reset and escape from stress, or just support for your personal wellness goals we believe that Every Body and Every Person can greatly benefit from our professional and compassionate style of massage.

We strongly believe in the healing power of bodywork and encourage our clients to seek this ancient form of medicine for its preventative as well as its healing applications. 


Organic Massage and Essential Oils

We value your wellness and use only certified organic products and Essential Oils in our handcrafted massage oils and other products.

*This includes cleaning and laundering products.


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