Massage Offerings

60 min. Massage

Swedish, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Trigger Point, Table Thai are just a few of the styles that the therapist will pull from to give you the unique session that you need to address your areas of concern.


90 min Massage

Working with the same style and cooperative approach the therapist builds a massage unique to the clients needs.  The 90 min is recommended for clients who have major areas of concern to address or when one hour just doesn't seem like enough.


Hot Stone Massage

Basalt Stones are created by volcanic activity. These stones ,in-particular, are used for massage because of their high content of magnetic iron and magnesium. Not only do the presence of these minerals help the stones to hold a deep penetrating heat, they also are believed to aid in the healing effect.

60 min add-on   $20

90 min add-on   $30

120 min add-on  $40

The "Quick Fix"

Have you ever just slept wrong and have an aggravating kink? Do you want a little reset in the middle of your day but just don't have the time for the whole "massage thing"? We created this massage just for you!

Truly a great time saver, as well as, a super recharge in the middle of a long day.

30 min "Quick Fix"    $45*

Aromatherapy Hot Towels

Moist heat is proven to help soften tissues, increase blood flow, and ease pain. We believe that this is such a simple way to bring greater benefits to every massage we offer essential oil enhanced hot towels free with every treatment.

Up to 3 Hot Towels    Free!

CBD Pain Relief

CBD is a natural pain relieving compound found in hemp. It is a simple addition of an all organic salve infused with CBD from whole plant industrial hemp.  This is a great way to a deeper benefit to your massage.

60min add-on    $10

90min add-on    $15


Thai Massage

Additional Information

Thai Massage is an anciet form of bodywork that is anintergra

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Spa Inspired Wellness Treatments

Organic Sugar Scrub

This starts with organic sugar, apricot kernel oil, and essential oils. The scrub is made here by hand.  The scrub is applied in small circular motions over the whole body.  This technique activates the lymphatic system which helps the body process pain and digest toxins along with many other benefits.


Foot Soaks & Reflexology

Himalayan Salt Soak

There are 84 trace minerals in Himalayan salt that gives it the shades of pink that make it so unmistakable.  We have created a foot soak using this nourishing salt in combination with essential oils and organic dried flowers. 

Enjoy a hand massage while your feet soak in a warm healing bath.  Afterward, let your stress walk away as you receive a 30 min reflexology treatment.


Foot & Calf Scrub

We infuse our homemade salt and sugar scrub with peppermint and rosemary to make the ultimate refreshing experience. After a short soak we apply the scrub vigorously to the feet and calf to increase circulation and brighten skin. Enjoy a 30 min reflexology treatment while applying a thick and moisturizing massage cream.


Reflexology Foot Treatment

When you're in need of a mini recharge consider an All People Massage reflexology treatment. A straight forward 30 min foot and calf massage geared toward relaxation and recovery. 


Time of Service Discounts

* Prices listed are discounted rates for those who choose to pay at the time of service.  Day of Service discount does not apply if credit is extended to a client and payment is remitted after the time of service. Rates are subject to occasional cost of living adjustments.